Central Poland is anchored by Łódź Province. Łódź is catching up with the national average as its GDP is growing quickly, but is currently below the nation’s average.

With 2.5 million people, Łódź is Poland’s sixth-largest region in terms of population and generates about 6 percent of the country’s GDP. An unusually high 50 percent of that output comes from industrial enterprises. Demand for industrial property and warehouses is driven by trade and the region’s traditional light industry, especially textiles. In recent years, several technology and logistics companies have opened offices in Łódź.

The region’s central location, near the geographic middle of the country and between the major metro areas of Poznan and Warsaw, has made it an increasingly important transit and logistics hub. Łódź is the site of the intersection of two vital pan-European transport corridors, the north-south motorway and the east-west motorway that connects Poznan to Warsaw. In general, roads are improving but still require modernization as does the region’s railway network. The Łódź region includes an important multimodal platform: the Łódź Władysław Reymont Airport, which served 235,000 passengers and handled more than 6,500 tons of freight cargo in 2016 and is supported by a high concentration of warehouse parks.

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Featured Properties

 Warehouse Blonie-II-DC1B
Błonie II DC1B

Błonie II DC1B

Błonie, Poland

An industrial space with direct access to the DK92, this facility meets the high technical standards and expectations of the most demanding customers...

The image shown is industrial warehouse, Teresin DC2B, located in Warsaw, Poland.
Teresin DC2B

Teresin DC2B

Teresin, Poland

This modern industrial distribution complex has its own railway siding and access to the DK92 and A2 motorway (Wiskitki Junction), offering ideal...

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