With a population of 11,600 , Manching is a small town about 40 miles north of Munich and is part of the Ingolstadt metropolitan area, which has a population of 500,000. Manching has economic importance beyond its stature, in large part because it is home to the Airbus Eurofighter program.

Manching is an important transportation hub. It has access to the Danube River, is adjacent to the Ingolstadt Manching Airport (a joint military-civilian facility), and has bullet train and road connections to Munich and beyond. Logistics and distribution properties are important components of the region’s infrastructure.

Manching is the location for final assembly and system and flight tests for the Eurofighter program. In addition, facilities in Manching service all planes made by Airbus for the German Air Force. Manching is also a center for the development of unmanned aerial systems. Airbus alone employs about 4,500 people in Manching.  Industrial properties and warehouses service the Manching Airbus center.

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 Manching DC1, Manching, Germany
betway官网手机版 Manching DC1

betway官网手机版 Manching DC1

Manching, Germany

This 186,377 SF (17,315 SQM) industrial warehouse facility outside of Munich was sustainably designed to achieve a neutral carbon footprint.

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