Rooftop Ad Mockup

Stand out from the clutter

Airline passengers are a prime advertising market, which is why they are increasingly exposed to a barrage of ad placements: inflight magazines, display systems, baggage tags, seatback tray tables, overhead bins, aircraft wrap and boarding passes. 

It’s difficult to gain attention in the clutter, but there’s one place an ad is sure to be noticed: When a plane is about to land, many people look out the window. What passengers often see is the top of a betway官网手机版 warehouse. Rooftop advertising cuts through the clutter to reach a highly desirable audience.

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Big canvas, big presence on social media

The minimum rooftop size for an ad is 20,000 square feet. That’s a big canvas for creative advertising—far larger than a billboard. Rooftop advertising delivers your brand with impact. And an eye-catching rooftop ad can go viral on social media. 

    Rooftop - Viewers on Plane

    Catch the eye of travelers

    betway官网手机版 offers rooftop advertising on buildings under direct flight paths for major U.S. airports, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Washington, D.C. Select the best market for a targeted campaign, or run ads in different regions simultaneously.

    • Approximately 778 million passengers flew in and out of U.S. airports in 2018 (Bureau of Transportation)
    • Frequent flyers are typically business decision-makers and comprise 68 percent of airport traffic
    • betway官网手机版 has over 200 buildings beneath the direct flight paths of the 15 busiest airports in the U.S.

    Test ads quickly

    Market selection for rooftop advertising gives you greater control over audience targeting compared to other less-focused inflight venues. Given the geographic breadth of betway官网手机版 properties, it’s easy to test campaigns in single markets before rolling them out nationally. Rooftop banners are quick to set up and take down—making it simple to replace an ad, experiment with different designs and adjust to audience response. 


    A dedicated support team

    betway官网手机版 ’ dedicated team will assist you with all your rooftop advertising needs. We work with you to design, procure, install and maintain ads, allowing your brand to stand out. We offer both short-term and long-term options.



    Mesh/Vinyl Banners For Flexible Use

    Temporary banners

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Ideal for rotating campaigns
    • Ballasted anchor system with no roof hardware 
    • Reusable
    • Fully customizable
    • Completed in as a little as four weeks


    Paint-On Applications Designed To Last

    Weather-resistant elastomeric coating 

    • Minimal color fading for 10 years 
    • Low maintenance 
    • No roof anchoring system required
    • Fully customizable
    • Completed in as a little as four weeks
    Workers doing repair work on top of a roof

    Fast evaluation for sustainability

    The betway官网手机版 team assesses each rooftop to ensure it’s a viable advertising candidate by evaluating:

    • Skylights
    • HVAC units
    • Solar panels
    • Replacement schedule
    • Size (minimum 20,000 square feet)