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We manage energy projects across the logistics real estate industry, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean energy and energy storage. Our LEED certified project managers find ways to reduce costs, increase sustainability and generate revenue while meeting geographically appropriate green building certifications.

Our Solar Expertise

betway官网手机版 has been a leader in building solar-generating capacity, with more than 200 megawatts of solar installed on our rooftops. The betway官网手机版 SolarSmart program allows customers to reap the financial and operational benefits of solar without upfront capital costs or long-term financial commitments. Depending on their market, customers pay only for the solar energy they use and can apply for renewable energy credits to offset their conventional energy use.


212 megawatts of generating capacity in ten countries

Enough to power 32,880 average U.S. homes each year 

Ranked #3 in U.S. corporate on-site solar capacity by SEIA (2018)


Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting accounts for up to two-thirds of electricity use in a logistics real estate facility, and betway官网手机版 has led the charge to establish LED lighting as the industry standard. LEDs can deliver better light at a lower cost, leading to a safer, more productive work environment. To help customers realize these benefits, betway官网手机版 designed its betway官网手机版 Essentials program to enable customers to upgrade their lighting without upfront costs.

Sustainable Design Features of betway官网手机版

Sustainable Design Features of betway官网手机版 Buildings

At betway官网手机版 , we know that our buildings will make an impact on the communities in which they are located and on the people who work inside of them. Our buildings become part of the local landscape and remain there for many years.